Thoughts and Statistics – Natchez Trace Adventure

7 Jun

Riding my bicycle from Natchez to Nashville on the Natchez Trace was one of the most challenging, rewarding, difficult, enjoyable, painful, exhilarating things I have ever done.  I learned that no matter how much one reads, talks, asks and prepares, you still learn more about how and what to do as you go.

I learned several things on this trip:
Use generous amounts of Vaseline when spending long, consecutive days on a bicycle saddle.
We do not have hills in Central Louisiana.
Campers, particularly tent campers, love to talk.  I thought I would have a lot of solitary time, being alone, but found plenty of company and                    conversation.  There are a lot of interesting people out there.
For every downhill ride, there is an equal or greater uphill climb on the other side.
Headwinds are usually strongest as you begin to climb a hill.
There are a lot of very nice people in that part of the world.  I was amazed at people’s kindness and generosity.  Some of the things people gave     me:  Gold Bond Body Powder; a meal of grilled chicken and sides; Gatorade; Water; Muffin; Cereal Bar; Apple; Newspaper; three documentary DVDs; advice, based on experience that I had not yet acquired; encouragement; prayer.
Motorists on the Natchez Trace are very considerate of bicyclists.
Nine nights in a tent is enough.
You can survive on PB&J, Ramen Noodles and Clif Bars, with water and Gatorade to drink.
Loveless Cafe, at the end of the Trace in Nashville has really good food.

Total Miles Traveled:  462.72
Total Time Riding:  36 hrs, 51 min, 48 sec.
Average Speed:  12.56 mph
Calories Burned (according to bike computer):  10,653.3
Flat Tires:  0
Days Riding:  9 + one rest day
Rainy Days:  1

It was a great trip.  Yes, I would do it again.  I’m already thinking about my next adventure on a bicycle…


Day 10 – 5/27/12 – Milepost 408 to Northern Terminus

7 Jun

The reward at the end…Nannette waiting for me and then the Loveless Cafe

Day 9 – 5/26/12 – Meriwether Lewis to MP 408 – Sam Marlow Campground

7 Jun

Day 8 – 5/25/12 – Colbert Ferry to Meriwether Lewis

6 Jun

Sixty mile Day.  Last of the long days.  Two short days to go…

Day 7 – 5/24/12 – Tishomingo to Colbert Ferry

5 Jun

Short day of 25 miles…

Day 6 – 5/23/12 – Back on the road for almost 70 miles – Davis Lake to Tishomingo State Park

5 Jun

The most beautiful day of my trip for riding.  A perfectly clear, blue sky – all day long, with great temperatures.

Day 5 – 5/22/12 – Off Day; Time to rest a little…

3 Jun